Current research lines

The group is puirsuing three major lines of research within the framework of its work: improving higher education in specific disciplines.

The improvement of university education in applied mathematics through mathematical modelling and inquiry based educational devices
The aim of this research is to build dissemination devices of new educational proposals for the education of mathematic modelling, based on the “Study and Research Paths”, during transition from high school to university as well as at university level. This is motivated by the evidence of strong institutional constraints acting at different levels (especially in the prevailing epistemology) preventing a new organization in mathematics education.

STEM education using interactive applications and its analysis through traces and the use of quantitative techniques
This second line is based in using simulations of remote lab and other interactive aplications to learn chemistry, physics and statistics. Data collection systems have also been used that allows to improve the understanding of the activities carried out by students.

The use of simulations and educational games in business education
In this last line, the aim is to analyse the learning process based on simulations in the business domain. The objective is to investigate when games and simulations are more effective learning than traditional education using mixed research methods are including studies, questionnaires and trace analysis.