The ASISTEMBE group (Analytics, Simulations and Inquiry in STEM and Business Education) is a research group at Universitat Ramon Llull established in 2013 and recognized as an emerging group (2014 SGR 910) by La Generalitat de Catalunya in 2014. It is also a part of the distributed research center, ACM-ASLE (Aristos Campus Mundus group on Analytics for Social and Learning Enhancement) at the Campus of International Excellence Aristos Campus Mundus 2015. ASISTEMBE is also part of IQS Tech Transfer. This group comprises of a team of professors and researchers of IQS Universitat Ramon Llull and other university institutions. ASISTEMBE’s proposed aim is to investigate the improvement of knowledge and practice of university education in specific domains (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business). In this way, the group focus on the educational research in specific disciplines of higher education. In this field, the group specializes in:
  • The development and use of educational simulations,
  • The analysis based on the use of traces and quantitative methods,
  • The use of modelling and inquiry as a reference educational strategies

You can find more information about our research lines in the research section, our contributions in the academic production and how to find us in the contact section of this site. Thank you for your interest and welcome!